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Stratford’s newest addition. This is the East End’s largest steak restaurant, bringing you Irish Steak cooked on the famous Josper Grill. Set within the once industrial area of Stratford, HS&Co. is bringing back a piece of history with a touch of sophistication.

The choicest cuts of Irish beef are cooked and served in our open kitchen. Our steak is dry aged for three weeks to achieve the highest flavour it is possible to get and cooked to perfection on our Josper Grill (of which there are only a few in the UK).

No silly marinades on our steak, just salt and pepper to enhance the taste of pure beef and cooked on our charcoal Josper Grill.


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For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come in and satisfy your desires with our inspired ever changing international and seasonal small plates. We love food, lots of different food, just like you.

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We are looking to create a restaurant where all faiths can eat and not worry about the authenticity or origins of the food. With the great city that is London being so multicultural it’s hard for a group of friends to go to a restaurant where they all can eat despite their dietary needs*.

We at HS&Co. have created the first authentic steak house that is fully Halal. No non-Halal meat and no alcohol will be served at HS&Co. HS&Co. is first and foremost a great steak restaurant to be enjoyed by everyone.

*Some dietary requirements may need pre-booking